What F-Orchid can we do in this field of health & beauty

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What F-Orchid can we do in this field of health & beauty

What F-Orchid can we do in this field of health & beauty

Although F-ORCHID is not in the medicine & pharmaceutical industry, it is a very caring enterprise committed to making products with heart and changing the status of China's medical products in the world. F-ORCHID  supply the best products and service for every customers. Hopefully, the world will be a better place because of F-ORCHID. We manufacture and export medical equipment and medical furniture as below:

nursing bed with wood bed head, steel plastic spraying diagnosis bed,

ABS and steel intergrated bedside cabinet, instrument cabinet

intravenous drip rack, 

four folding screen, 

movable dinning table, standing desk, mobile overbd table,

Medicine Trolley, Chart File cart, medical device cart, endoscope trolley, nursing cart, instrument cart, check mobile trailer, patient monitor trolley, ultrasound trolley, 

stainless steel hospital bed, stainless steel trolley, SS medical record trolley, SS apparatus trolley with power socket, SS footstep, SS clinical examination bowl, 

F-ORCHID adheres to the strict material selection standard, carefully selects each raw material origin, produces the safe reliable, the health environmental protection product.

Health and beauty brands have to compete with many different types of products in retail and drug stores. For your unique items to attract attention, you need an eye-catching display. F-ORCHID make health and beauty product displays stand out. Our special displays are custom-fit to inspire customers to take a closer look.

As experts in custom displays and the retail experience, we know what makes beauty brands pop. Advertising health and beauty items requires an aesthetically pleasing presentation. From the front counter to the end of the aisle, our display options will show your product’s best features and increase your sales.

Order a custom design for any of the following beauty or health products: 

Cosmetics: Individually wrapped items need creative displays to make browsing shades and styles easy.

Haircare: Hair products can stand out with bright, organized displays.

Nutrition supplements and medicine: Promote health-related products at strategic point of purchase (POP) locations in your retail store

Hand Sanitizer: A standing display by the door can give customers a chance to disinfect their hands before and after shopping as well

Testers: Small products like tester lip balms can get lost if not displayed correctly.

Gift sets: During holiday or gifting seasons, you can feature monthly items in large health product displays.